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Pinball Stamps

The pinball machine has been an iconic part of our American culture, its earliest forms going back well over a century. Pinballs are  unique both as a form of wild, flashing, ringing, kinetic amusement that has captured the public’s imagination, and especially as a fantastic art form—the pinball backglass. Add your voice to petition the United States Postal Service to commemorate this unique American artform by submitting your e-mail vote below. Petition Stamp
  Now that would make a great looking stamp!


Shown is what a sample sheet of stamps illustrating the beauty of the pinball backglass might look like. Not only is the backglass art varied and imaginative, but it has always been reflective of the times in which the machine was built. Bright and colorful, the blinking lights draw the attention of the player to the machine.

Stamp Booklet
Sample mockup of how a commemorative issue of the American Pinball Stamps might look - Vote for your favorite today - These or any other of your own choosing.


First Row
1972 Williams Spanish Eyes. Artwork by Christian Marche
1972 Bally Fireball. Artwork by Dave Christensen
1978 Bally Paragon. Artwork by Paul Faris

Second Row
1967 Williams Apollo. Artwork by Art Stenholm
1981 Williams Barracora. Artwork by Doug Watson
1971 Bally Four Million B. C.  Artwork by Dick White

Third Row
1952 Gottlieb Queen Of Hearts. Artwork by Roy Parker
1958 Williams Satellite. Artwork by George Molentin
1976 Gottlieb Card Whiz. Artwork by Gordon Morison

Fourth Row
1980 Bally Silverball Mania. Artwork by Kevin O’Connor
1979 Williams Flash. Artwork by Constantino Mitchell
1981 Bally Fathom. Artwork by Greg Freres

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