Mill Wax

Pinball Playfield Wax and Cleaner

Mill Wax Works!

Cleans, Waxes, Protects any pinball machine

Mill Wax Bottle  
One Step Wax and Polish-quickly removes film, stains and oxidation-leaves a protective wax layer which protects your pinball's playfield. Buffs out to a high-gloss shine!
Non-Abrasive--won't harm your pinball's playfield
Proven Performance--trusted by Operators and Pinball Collectors since 1976

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Made in America



Click on the Cleaning Tips link for amazing before and after pictures of the effective cleansing and waxing power of Mill Wax.
Mill Wax Mill Wax Pinball Playfield Wax and Cleaner is available through Mill Amusement's extensive network of North American amusement and pinball parts distributors. Click on the Purchasing link and look for the Mill Wax icon for a complete listing of dealers who sell Mill Wax. Also available in Australia and many European countries.