Mill Wipes

Cleaning, Waxing, Wiping, Polishing Patches

Mill Wax-trusted by Operators and Pinball Collectors since 1976 now has the perfect companion-Mill Wipes

Low Linting-all cut edges are folded in, so there is virtually no chance of stray threads being left on your playfield Mill Wipes
Perfect-Ply--just the right number of layers. Enough to effectively apply the cleaner and wax without waste. Great for polishing.
3 x 3 inches(7.5 x 7.5 cm)--the perfect size to get in to those tight corners and through ball lanes.
Tight Weave--made of premium high-quality 100-percent bleached cotton cheesecloth with a high thread count for best performance.
Reclosable Bag--each bag contains 200 wipes--grab what you need while the rest stay clean.

Mill Wipes are convenient, quick, and easy to use. Never cut another patch from a package of cheesecloth again!

Developed by a professional pinball restorer with 20 years experience, Mill Wipes make the restoration, cleaning and maintenance of your pinball playfield less strenuous. Bothered by having to stop work to cut patches from a bolt of cheesecloth and the messy loose strings left behind, Mill Wipes were designed to be quick, convenient and lint free.
With the value of pinball machines rising. It's a wise investment to protect your machine by regularly cleaning and waxing your pinball's playfield with Mill Wax Pinball Playfield Wax and Cleaner using Mill Wipes Cleaning, Waxing, Wiping, Polishing Patches!
Mill Wipes aren't just for Mill Wax. They work with virtually any product in your home or shop!

Mill Wipes are a product that truly has 1001 uses
around the home or shop!


Mill Wax Works. Mill Wipes Make It Easier!©

Mill Wipes Mill Wipes Cleaning, Wiping, Waxing, Polishing Patches are available through Mill Amusement's extensive network of North American amusement and pinball parts distributors. Click on the Purchasing link and look for the Mill Wipes Icon for a complete listing of dealers who sell them.